Our good work is recognized not only by our clients but also by the professional public. We are happy to share with you the news that our website, which we made for Hotel Slon, received an award in the Netko competition.

Netko 2023

2nd place in the category "A website for tourism, events or leisure".


With a comprehensive approach to positive changes


Make sure that your customers recognize you with a technologically and visually advanced website that reflects your competitive advantages. Regardless of whether you have an online store, a presentational website, or a booking platform, the website must be aligned with your wishes, goals, and the brand image of your company. That's why you need an efficient, fast and beautiful website adapted to all the devices used by your potential customers.


Before we present you with a solution, we always carefully analyze your wishes and requirements. We familiarize ourselves with the expectations and needs of your customers and study your competition. Our goal is to deliver an effective marketing solution tailored to your needs.


If you want to climb to the first pages of the browsers, our analysts can review your website using the latest tools. We will then prepare a strategy that will raise you above the competition as quickly as possible. We also come to the rescue by implementing digital marketing and advertising.

Case studies

Izdelava spletne strani Hotela Slon, ki je leta 2023 zasedla drugo mesto na natečaju Netko

How to attract hotel guests online

Comfort and professionalism


Izdelava spletne strani Zeos

With a green future in mind

Raise awareness, inform, unite


Izdelava spletne strgovine Kopitarna

How to increase online sales

Transparency and ease of purchase


Izdelava spletne strani Feelif

An innovation that changed the world

The key is clear communication


Brane PrešaPlay

What are our customers saying?

Belmondo Kompas Celje

"Your company has created a website just as I envisioned, meaning it looks and functions as we imagined. I think not everyone in Slovenia can do this. You are capable of creating complex websites - that's the feeling I have - with the condition that the client also needs to know what they want." (Brane Preša)

Mnenja strank - Ilber Ademi - TripstAirPlay

What are our customers saying?


"We are very satisfied. You were very professional, recognized our needs, and advised us on solutions beyond what we thought we needed. The booking platform made our work much more manageable. Users have expressed satisfaction that the platform is very uncomplicated to use. They can make a reservation with just a few clicks. We trust our new platform will bring us a lot of success." (Ilber Ademi)

Mnenja strank - Katarina Pavšek - Feelif

What are our customers saying?


"Creating a website for our product, which is so versatile, is a true art. A special challenge was the fact that the site must be interesting for sighted users, but on the other hand, it must be easily accessible and inclusive for the blind and partially sighted. I think that 4WEB has proven here that they are true professionals. We were very happy to work with them and highly recommend them to anyone who wants something more." (Katarina Pavšek)

More about the project

Mnenja strank - Špela Gorše - Hotel SlonPlay

What are our customers saying?

Hotel Slon

"We are excited about the collaboration with 4WEB. We needed someone who could make our visions come true and guide us professionally. The new website received positive responses within a few days of its publication. It's important to have a quality product. Since big projects take a lot of effort, it means a lot to work with nice people, and 4WEB is definitely such a team." (Špela Gorše)

Mnenja strank - ZeosPlay

What are our customers saying?


"We are very happy with the renovation of our website, as the first results of optimization have already appeared on the browsers. We chose the company 4WEB because, out of all the providers, they delved the most into the offer, did research, and made their suggestions. They are experts who are very proactive and often the initiators of communication themselves ..." (Jan Debenjak)

Mnenja strank - Kopitarna

What are our customers saying?

Kopitarna Sevnica

"We are very satisfied with the new online store, 4WEB are reliable partners and very professional. At a time when online shopping has become our everyday life, online selling is a mandatory and very important business practice. We wish you all the best on your excellent business journey. We congratulate you on the anniversary and look forward to further collaboration." (Tatjana Šinkovec)

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