About the client

Študija primera Hotel Slon. Logotip Hotela Slon.

Hotel Slon website

Hotel Slon has a variety of offers. They rent out rooms to holiday and business guests, and also offer conference and catering services.

Zasedli smo drugo mesto na tekmovanju Netko za najboljšo spletno stran v kategoriji Naj spletna stran za turizem, dogodke ali prosti čas.

Netko 2023

We are happy to share with you the news that our website, which we made for Hotel Slon, won the second prize for the Best website for tourism, events, or leisure at the Netko competition..

Nova, moderna in topla spletna stran Hotela Slon

Client's requirements and expectations

The client's biggest wish was to have its own booking platform. This would achieve greater independence and flexibility. They wanted the site to combine all the information the user might need and to have it in English and Slovenian. They needed a fast-working page that would be transparent, user-friendly, and easy to edit. They also wanted to present the rooms to their guests with floor plans.

Spletna stran je narejena v kombinaciji zlatih in toplih barv

Glimpses of our work

We have created a page in Slovenian and English. The combination of golden and warm colors radiate prestige, while at the same time indicating the comfort of living and the friendliness of the staff.

Informacije so razporejene v razumljivem vrstnem redu, zato je uporabniška izkušnja dobra.

The user can easily find the area of ​​interest on the page and get the desired information. The thoughtfully created subpage for events allows you to quickly find a suitable space for which you can immediately send an inquiry. We have added the option for the user to mark if the safety distance between guests should also be taken into account.

Unikatne ikone prikazujejo lastnosti sob v hotelu Slon.

Next to the beautiful pictures of the rooms, we added stylized pictograms of more important information about the room.

Na spletni strani so izrisani tlorisi sob, da si obiskovalci lažje predstavljajo, kako soba izgleda

With the help of the obtained material - old plans, videos of the new condition, and measurements in the field (some floor plans of the rooms were reworked), we drew the actual floor plans of the rooms including room equipment, so the guests can easily imagine the space and choose the room that best suits their wishes.

Povezava strani Hotel Slon z rezervacijsko platformo

We have connected the website to the reservation platform, so visitors to the website can already make a reservation on the website of Hotel Slon.

Mnenja strank podjetja 4WEB - Špela Gorše, spletna stran Hotel SlonPlay

Hotel Slon

"We are excited about the collaboration with 4WEB. We needed someone who could make our visions come true and guide us professionally. The new website received positive responses within a few days of its publication. It's important to have a quality product. Since big projects take a lot of effort, it means a lot to work with nice people, and 4WEB is definitely such a team." (Špela Gorše)

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