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Feelif is a startup that launched a multisensory and inclusive product of the same name, that helps blind and partially sighted to feel and recognize visual digital content. The Feelif application became the best digital solution in the world in the Inclusion&Empowerment category and received the title of WSA Global Champion 2019. 

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Customer requirements and expectations

Since it is an innovative and multi-sensory technology, their biggest challenge was how to present it to site users. Another big challenge was to present the numerous and diverse obstacles that the product solves. Because of their business with foreign countries, they also needed different payment systems. They needed a page that would be accessible to blind and partially sighted people in Slovenian and English.

tehnologija Feelif

Glimpses of our work

For the company Feelif, we developed an application that recognizes touch on a specific place on the screen and allows the graphic content located under the finger to react with vibration, speech, and sound. Our work for Feelif contributed to their title of the best digital solution in the world.

Feelif aplikacija

 In addition to developing the application, we developed several educational applications, everyday applications, and games for the blind and partially sighted.

Felif v muzeju

We developed a special application for the company Feelif, that allows the creation of multi-sensory content, accessible to the blind and visually impaired, without any need for prior programming knowledge. We have also made it possible to display multi-sensory Feelif content on large touch screens.

Feelif aplikacija

 For a better presentation of the Feelif technology, we created the Feelif's World game, where the user, with the help of different vibration patterns, predicts the direction of movement.

You can download the app from Google Play.

Feelif aplikacija

To bring the Feelif multi-sensory technology closer to the sighted, we developed the educational content Feelif Romans. The teachers were also impressed with it.

You can download the app from Google Play.

Feelif platforma je narejena v večih jezikih

 For the needs of sharing, selling, and entering Feelif content, we created the Feelif Platform, which is used by Feelif users all over the world. Feelif is available in 7 languages.

Feelif CRM

 The website we created knows exactly which country the user comes from and can therefore display product prices in appropriate currencies. The website is currently available in English and Slovenian. However, the CMS we developed in our code makes it easy to add new languages ​​if the company needs them in the future.

Inovativna metoda plačevanja

 Users can pay on the website using various payment systems. We were the first in Slovenia to introduce the Splitit system, which enables interest-free installment payments.

Feelif video tutoriali

 We were well aware of the challenges, so we carefully planned the website. We put great emphasis on the presentation of their technology through short animations and recorded video content.

Feelif_enostavna spletna stran

 We have thoughtfully presented the product they offer so that different users can quickly find applications that best address their problems and offer solutions.

Dostopna spletna stran Feelif

The page is accessible to the blind and partially sighted, which means that the page administrator can add their descriptions to new images.

Feelif Marketing

We carry out digital marketing, advise them on content, and prepare graphic material for social networks, that target Slovenian and foreign markets.

Mnenja strank - Katarina Pavšek - Feelif


"Creating a website for our product, which is so versatile, is a true art. A special challenge was the fact that the site must be interesting for sighted users, but on the other hand, it must be easily accessible and inclusive for the blind and partially sighted. I think that 4WEB has proven here that they are true professionals. We were very happy to work with them and highly recommend them to anyone who wants something more." (Katarina Pavšek)

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