About the client

Logotip Zeos

Zeos is a company that, on its website, informs users about the handling of electronic waste, makes them aware and connects them, and also enables registered companies to order the removal of electronic waste and submit reports.

ZEOS website

Prenovljena spletna stran Zeos

Client's requirements and expectations

The client had several websites that they wanted to merge into one. On the new page, they wanted to clearly express their mission and information to users. On the site, users could search for locations where they can drop off electronic waste, find service technicians, or used electronic equipment. They wanted to teach their customers how much CO2 is reduced in the atmosphere and how much they save with proper waste management.

Unikatne ilustracije za spletno stran Zeos

Glimpses of our work

We created a representative website, with cute and moving illustrations, that appeal to younger users, because we learned they collaborate a lot with schools while researching their activities and existing documents.

Uporabniška izkušnja na spletni strani Zeos

Through a well-thought-out wire diagram, we were able to capture all existing web pages and create a meningfull flow of the website.

Interaktivni zemljevid Zeos

The user can quickly access the desired information on the page via an interactive map, filters, and obvious buttons. The interactive map is also used as an explanation of the goals of each interaction.

Look at the Collection points map

Kalkulator Zeos

We have also implemented a calculator that allows users to choose a device, calculate the monetary savings and see the reduced amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, in an interactive and fun way.

Try the calculator


B2B poslovanje Zeos

The site is also intended for B2B customers who log into the ZEOS web portal with their username and password and access various documentation.

Mnenja strank podjetja 4WEB - Jan Debenjak, spletna stran ZeosPlay


"We are very happy with the renovation of our website, as the first results of optimization have already appeared on the browsers. We chose the company 4WEB because, out of all the providers, they delved the most into the offer, did research, and made their suggestions. They are experts who are very proactive and often the initiators of communication themselves ..." (Jan Debenjak)

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