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Web site design

Uredi vsebino

“We will improve your Web presentation. We will make sure that your Web site is a reflection of your quality and reputation.” Your Web site will be transformed into an effective sales tool.

Faultless Web sites in terms of design and technology provide a positive Web experience and convince your visitors in a matter of seconds that they have found exactly what they need.
Web site design is subject to the following guidelines:

  • Appealing and faultless design – we make a good first impression on the visitor.
  • Simple Web site structure and high-quality texts contribute to a higher position in search engines.
  • Intuitive and transparent navigation – visitors quickly find what they are looking for (key information) and spend time on your Web site.
  • Sales promotion devices – visitors are encouraged to act (to make a purchase, an order or enquiry).
  • Enriched Web sites with news and articles – more indexed pages and enhanced competitiveness on search engines.
  • Transparent contact e-forms – for making an enquiry, order or to sign-up for your mailing list quickly.

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  • Unique Web sites or Web sites with a pre-determined design.
  • Sales-oriented Web sites.
  • Web site design with up-to-date technologies and trends.
  • Custom “for every pocket”.
  • Altogether simple and autonomous management of all Web site content.
  • Optimised Web sites, customised for high positioning on search engines.
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What else will you be getting?

  • A Web presentation marketing strategy will be drawn up – present yourself in the proper way.
  • Creative marketing texts will be written for you – prompt your clients and highlight the advantages of your offering.
  • Simple and autonomous updating of all Web site content via an intuitive and user-friendly 4WEB CMSTM tool – no programming knowledge required, for everyone.
  • Integrated Web sites with the 4WEB business application: Mailing, CRM, E-forms, Albums – facilitated sales management and customer communication.
  • Search engine optimization – comprehensive solution for the highest position on search engines.
  • Active monitoring of your Web site's position on search engines according to the keywords you have selected – find out whether you are sufficiently noticed/exposed on the Web.
Uredi vsebino
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